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ESG Update - October 2012

last modified on 13 May 2019 UTC

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Announcements & Updates

MSCI ESG Research Product Updates

MSCI ESG Research is pleased to announce that the USA Small Cap coverage is now complete for MSCI ESG Impact Monitor and MSCI ESG IVA.

Key highlights include:

- Performance improvements to MSCI ESG Manager, including improvements in speed related to opening MSCI ESG IVA and MSCI ESG Impact Monitor company reports.

- Sovereign and other government-related ratings, scores and reports for sovereigns, local authorities, agencies and supranationals are now available in MSCI ESG Manager for subscribing clients.

- Addition of pillar and indicator scores to the MSCI ESG Impact Monitor company profiles, along with other enhancements.

- US Small Cap for MSCI ESG Impact Monitor and MSCI ESG IVA ratings, scores and company profiles available in MSCI ESG Manager.

Log on now to MSCI ESG Manager to view the improvements.

Please contact your ESG Client Service representative or esgclientservice@msci.com with any questions.

Featured Product

MSCI ESG Research on FactSet

MSCI ESG Research data and ratings are now available on the FactSet platform. FactSet clients can now fully leverage the ESG data in their analysis through FactSet Portfolio Analysis, Universal Screening, Data Downloading, and MS Office integration. This gives users the ability to include ESG factors throughout their investment process including portfolio construction and optimization, back-testing, performance and risk attribution. Read more

ESG on FactSet 

Partner in Focus - November


FactSet, MSCI ESG Research's current ESG Partner, is a leading provider of financial information and analytics - helping the world's best investment professionals outperform. Nearly 50,000 users stay ahead of global market trends, access extensive company and industry intelligence, and monitor performance with FactSet's desktop analytics, mobile applications, and comprehensive data feeds. Learn more at www.factset.com and follow FactSet on Twitter: www.twitter.com/factset. Read more

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Featured Resources

Press Release - AEGON Asset Management Chooses MSCI ESG Research

Press Release - Nykredit Chooses MSCI ESG Research and Ratings

Press Release - PaxWorld Management Chooses MSCI ESG Research

Article - ESG Integration across Asset Classes: Fixed Income

Webcast - MSCI ESG Portfolio Analytics

Webcast - Agriculture Investments


ESG Research Survey - Participate in our survey to share your views on Emerging ESG Trends & Risks in Asia!


ESG Integration

Fixed Income Research and Analysis

Fixed income is of major importance for most investors, especially long term investors, like asset owners for which fixed income represents a large share of their portfolios. However, assessing the relevance of ESG contribution to default financial risk of an issuer is still a challenge. MSCI ESG Research's new fixed income offering includes ratings, scores, profiles and reports, available via monthly data feeds and BarraOne. MSCI ESG Research is partnering with Barclays to create a series of ESG Fixed Income Indices.
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Read the Press Release

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Markets in Focus

ESG Investment Implications in Emerging Markets

Investing in emerging markets can carry a high degree of risk, not least from the threat of social and political instability, which can severely impact business profits and investment returns. But how can investors go about identifying trends and opportunities in Emerging Markets? And what are the key financial implications of these ESG risks and opportunities, and their impact on the risk/return profile? At MSCI ESG Research, we aim to evaluate how institutional investors in Emerging Markets can manage key structural reforms while integrating ESG factors into their investment processes; and how investors can identify and assess key ESG risks in Emerging Markets companies.

Read the MSCI ESG Report for China

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Featured Events

MSCI / YourSRI.com Conference: ESG Ratings & Analysis, November 29, 2012, London

YourSRI.com and MSCI ESG Research cordially invite you to the 'ESG Impact Forum - Better Transparency through ESG Ratings - A New Orientation for Financial Markets?' in London on November 29, 2012. This event gives you an insight into the full spectrum of risks and opportunities associated with ESG ratings and analysis, demonstrates how ESG factors can be integrated into business and investment processes and provides an outlook on the future of 'Sustainability Ratings'.
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PRI Academic Network & German Network Conference supported by MSCI, December 13-14, 2012, Frankfurt

Principles for Responsible Investment and MSCI ESG Research cordially invite you to the ‘PRI Academic Network & German Network Conference’ in Frankfurt on December 13-14, 2012. This event gives you an insight into many relevant responsible investment topics such as ESG integration, ESG engagement, ESG KPIs, ESG voting policies, Integrated Reporting, ESG analytics, ESG investment training, ESG ratings, ESG in sovereign/corporate debt, corporate governance and sustainability issues in the German market, carbon disclosure, green real estate, ESG in boardrooms or sustainability issues in financial markets more generally.
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For more information on MSCI ESG Research and Indices products and services, please contact esgclientservice@msci.com or visit www.msci.com.


ESG Events Calendar

ESG Integration Across Asset Classes - Fixed Income

October 31 2012, LiveMeeting


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ESG Investment Implications in Emerging Markets

November 8 2012, Oslo, Norway


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TBLI Conference Europe

November 8 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

Industry Event

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Australia/New Zealand launch of the E-RISC report: "A New Angle on Sovereign Credit Risk"

November 9 2012, Sydney, Australia

Industry Event

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Annual GTQ Conference: Investing in Responsibility

November 15 2012, London, UK

Industry Event

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ESG Ratings & Analysis in Focus - Do ESG ratings lead to better transparency in financial markets?

November 29 2012, London, UK

Industry Event

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MSCI / RI.com Roundtable 2012 'ESG Risk and Financial Implications'

December 10 2012, New York


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December 11 2012, New York

Industry Event

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PRI Academic Network & PRI German Network Conference

December 13 2012, London, UK

Industry Event

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