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Index Update - July 2012

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Index Update

From MSCI | July 2012

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Product Launch

MSCI Economic Exposure Security Data

At the end of Q3, MSCI will be launching its Economic Exposure Security Data modules, which capture geographic revenue distributions for large and mid cap stocks across developed and emerging markets. MSCI applies a rigorously consistent and transparent approach to compiling and normalizing each security's economic exposure - at a country and regional level, offering new dimensions for evaluating the security's participation in the global economy. 

MSCI Consultations

Proposed MSCI Quality Indices

Quality growth companies tend to have high ROE, stable earnings, strong balance sheets, low financial leverage, conservative accounting policies and strong management together with dividend growth that is uncorrelated with the broad business cycle. MSCI is evaluating the development of a series of Quality Indices, in which quality would be proxied by high ROE, low financial leverage and low earnings variability. Contact us for more information

Proposed MSCI Income Indices

MSCI is considering the development of a series of high dividend yielding indices that are weighted by dividend yield. Contact us for more information

Proposed MSCI Market Exposure Indices

MSCI is holding client consultations on the development of market exposure indices which aim to achieve leveraged exposure to the market. High beta strategies may be appealing to tactical asset allocation investors who may have constraints on explicit use of leverage. Contact us for more information

Product Enhancements

MSCI Risk Premia

MSCI expanded its range of Risk Premia Strategy Indices with new MSCI Risk Weighted, Value Weighted and Minimum Volatility Indices covering numerous additional countries such as Canada, Germany and China, among many others. 

MSCI Saudia Arabia Indices

MSCI has relaunched the MSCI Saudi Arabia Index and related domestic indices.

Developed Markets IMI Islamic Indices

MSCI expanded its lineup of MSCI Global Islamic Indices with new Investable Market Indices (IMI), each of which includes the full spectrum of large, mid and small cap constituents.

New Regulation

401(k) Benchmarking Requirements

New regulation from the Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) aims to help US workers manage and invest the money they contribute to their 401(k)-type pension plans. New disclosure information must be included in plan participant Quarterly Statements by November 14, 2012. MSCI has developed a new vendor licensing model for 401(k) platforms and plan administrators who will need to distribute MSCI index data. Contact us for more information

New Index Research

Incorporating Risk Premia Mandates in a Strategic Allocation - A Case Study

Supported by strong academic and industry evidence that risk premia are primary drivers for long-term asset class performance, institutional investors are starting to allocate strategic mandates to the growing array of investment strategy indices. This paper illustrates the case of one US pension plan, the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS), that incorporated risk premia allocations in their strategic global equity allocation, seeking to lower equity volatility and  improve risk-adjusted returns.

Economic Exposure to Emerging Markets

As companies increasingly operate across multiple countries and regions, we consider the concept of "economic exposure" which may be derived from the geographic distribution of a company's revenues. This concept offers a new dimension to the construction and evaluation of global equity portfolios.

Demystifying Equal Weighting

Equal weighted indices are among the earliest alternative weighting schemes to market cap weighting. We demonstrate their significant outperformance over the last decade relative to their cap weighted counterparts - outperformance achieved with attractive risk-to-return ratios.

MSCI Press Releases

Brett Hammond Joins MSCI as Head of Index Applied Research

Mr Hammond will be responsible for defining and executing MSCI's applied research agenda to support the MSCI index business, specifically by applying innovations in global indexing to institutional portfolios. Prior to joining MSCI, Mr Hammond was Chief Investment Strategist for TIAA-CREF where he worked on the creation of target-date asset allocation products and inflation-linked bonds, individual financial advice models, an international nonprofit pension investment consortium and Social Security reform. Read more

MSCI Wins USD 1.5 Billion Mandate from Taiwan Labor Pension Fund

On May 15, MSCI announced that the Taiwan Labor Pension Fund (LPF), the largest pension plan in Taiwan, chose MSCI as the benchmark provider for its new passively managed Global Minimum Volatility Equity Indexed portfolios totaling USD 1.5 billion. The indices chosen are the MSCI World Minimum Volatility Index and the MSCI Emerging Markets ex Taiwan Minimum Volatility Index. Read more

MSCI Announces the Results of the 2012 Annual Market Classification Review

The MSCI Greece Index has been added to the review list for potential reclassification to Emerging Markets and the MSCI Morocco Index has been added to the review list for potential reclassification to Frontier Markets. MSCI also announced that the status of the MSCI Korea and Taiwan Indices as well as the MSCI Qatar and UAE Indices will remain unchanged. Read more

MSCI Indices Q2 2012 Performance Results

The performance of the MSCI Global Equity Indices in Q2 2012 revealed widespread negative returns across global markets. These results significantly pared back the positive gains of Q1 2012. Read more 




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