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Impact Down Under


  • Australian constituents of the MSCI World Index derived 4.9% of their revenue from involvement in UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related activities, compared to the MSCI World Index’s 6.2%, as of October 2016, with Green Building, Major Disease Treatments and Nutrition being the main areas of involvement.
  • CSL and Mirvac are standout examples of sustainable impact involvement in Australia. CSL’s involvement in Major Disease Treatment came through its Hemophilia and influenza vaccine products and accounts for 58% of its total revenues. Mirvac’s through the development and management of Green Buildings, which accounts for 52% of its revenues.
  • The two largest Global Industrial Classification Standard (GICS®)1 sectors in the Australian peer set – Materials and Financials (59% of the Australian peer set revenue) – have among the lowest sustainable impact involvement, with relevant Sustainable Impact categories, such as SME Lending and Alternative Energy, contributing 0.1% of the total revenue derived